Two Types of Health Insurance

Insurance is an agreement between a company and an insurance participant who wants to reduce the risk of loss. Risk loss here starting from the property, health, and so forth. Of the many insurers provided by the insurer engaged in insurance, health insurance is one of the most demanding insurance, you can get it from health insurance west palm beach. In addition to health insurance, education insurance usually for the family and also insurance pension funds are also a lot of devotees.

Every company that provides health insurance, it is clear will state the insurance products they have is the best. Before choosing the insurance of which company is suitable for you, you’ll want to find out first about the health insurance. Health insurance is, the financing done by the company with the system running and in accordance with the concept of risk.

The types of health insurance include:

1. Social health insurance
Social health insurance is one way to reduce your risk. Social health insurance is directed to all people, whether it is capable or not. Social health insurance for the poor will be assisted directly by the government that is to ensure the health needs of the community. To be a participant of social health insurance is mandatory for every society. Payment of premiums paid, based on the income earned by individuals in each month. Apart from premium payments based on income from individuals, premium payments can also be borne jointly by the company. Recipients of health insurance from social health insurance are not only individual or self, but also family will get health insurance. Any participant who is experiencing the risk of illness, it will get compensation.

2. Commercial health insurance
Commercial health insurance is an insurance that is voluntary or not mandatory. Commercial health insurance can be done on a personal basis, with the aim of obtaining self-protection from all risks that may be accepted. Commercial health insurance is usually run by private companies, but the government can also run this commercial health insurance. At the present time, many private companies are issuing commercial health insurance products. Interest in commercial health insurance from private companies is very much because everyone can ensure his health in accordance with his wishes.

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