Top 3 Most popular alternative power sources

The depletion of fossil fuels forces us to seek alternative energies with the more abundance of numbers, all the while have the lower negative impacts on nature. So that’s why it’s important for everyone to know the top 3 most popular alternative energies that might be the main source of our electricity in the future. In the meantime, you can also check out the 5kw solar system if you wish for the more environment-friendly power source in your home.

1. Wind Power Generation

The wind power plant is a power plant that uses wind as a source of energy to generate electrical energy. This plant can convert wind energy into electrical energy by using wind turbines or windmills. Electricity generation system using wind as a source of energy is a highly developed alternative system, given the wind is one of the unlimited energy in nature.

Components of a Wind Powered Generator System

2. Solar power system

Solar Power System (SPS) is a Solar Cell Solar Power Plant (PLTS) that utilizes the sun as its energy source. This technology has been discovered since 1941 and applied by NASA and the United States military. His ability is remarkable, his endurance has been proven to be 25 years under the hot, rainy, and frozen weather.
Solar energy can be applied to almost all electrical appliances: household appliances (lamps, radio, TV, DVD player, satellite dish, computer, fan, rice cooker, refrigerator, water pump, air conditioner), agricultural and livestock application swallow, pest repellents, soil moisture monitoring devices), public facilities (interstate lights, warning light, PJU, rural water pumps, public beach restrooms, rest areas, information centers, billboard lights), humanitarian facilities (post-flood post / earthquake / tsunami / tsunami), observation equipment (observation and flood / earthquake / tsunami / volcanic detection station, long distance surveillance cameras), base-camp / barracks / post (military, forestry, agriculture, mining, refugees) telecommunication applications (telecom, warnet, BTS tower, telemetering), fishery applications (automatic feeding tools, floating net cages, shrimp ponds, koi pond circulation pumps, aquarium ultraviolet lights).

3. Lighting power plant

Power Generation Not applicable during the dry season. The logic that lightning has a charge (+), and the media used should be charged (-). one thing we have to do is make the device negatively charged and placed in a high place. And if it works then you have electricity for the whole city for a month because one lightning strike alone produces 220 Volts, and if it fails then your house will burn instantly.