The Danger of Charging Cell Phone in A Public Place!

For those of you who often travel far, of course, you ever charging your smartphones in public places, especially where the service content available in the rest area or other public places. Indeed it is often inevitable by many smartphone users when traveling long. Given as we often feel, in this era of technology the need for power supplies for smartphones has become one of the basic needs. However, do you know if charging in public places like in the rest area and others apparently can cause unknowingly danger? Well, it would be better if you charge your battery with a power bank that previously you already filled in. Yet another case if you are at an event or festival, usually the event organizer will provide cell phone charging station which is very on guard its security. One of the reliable cell phone charging stations is veloxity. Well if you want to hold an event or festival then you better check the veloxity website at to find out more information about phone charging station rentals for events.

Regardless, there‚Äôs info that a hacker can hack a smartphone by utilizing the media charging in public and not guaranteed security. It’s said by a security expert from Authentic8 “Just by plugging the phone into a filling station that has been ripped, your device gets infected and all the data inside it can be hacked”. Authentic8 is the maker of Silo security browser which is a secure browser that can keep all users activities secret during the internet surfing

Charging stations and Wi-Fi access that are usually available in public places such as airports, planes, rest areas, parks and others are at risk and unsafe. Even some irresponsible parties can get all the smartphone data that use the access. This can be done through a common data cable used to charge the smartphone, which can also be used to transmit data to a smartphone or other gadget. The hacking technique is called juice jacking. A term created by researchers in the year 2011 ago. Last year researchers from Authentic8 showed a video jacking process using hacked ports and video capture to record everything a phone sees and types.