iPhone 6 Issue And iPhone 6 Plus And How To Overcome It

As in every recent release of Apple products may have problems yes may be said to be a bonus for the first purchase. Reportedly since it was first released many fans of Apple already have this latest iPhone, but along the way the problems were popping up, as for the problems that have been reported the owners of iPhone 6 and iPhone as follows iPhone Curve; the beginning of its release has been a lot of scattered issues related to the iPhone 6, which with a thinner design makes many people assume that the iPhone 6 will be easily curved in certain circumstances, such as unintentionally occupied and so forth. But Apple itself claims that it is not a common problem, besides Apple’s chief engineer revealed that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is the most tested product up to 15,000 times testing, so when you see the smartphone is thin then do not try to bend it, use just as it should be. The solution you can do is to call Apple or take it to the Apple Store for review, maybe you will get a free replacement. In other cases the screen is cracked, many people are reporting this issue, both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are easily cracked when it falls more on the screen. Damage caused by a fall may be a natural problem, but many people see it is not as a common problem. For that, you can take it to the iPhone 6s plus screen repair .

The solution that you can do is direct to Apple to make improvements, you will be charged $ 109 for iPhone 6 and $ 129 for iPhone 6 Plus. Service and Touch ID issues, this is the work of the actual iOS 8.0.1 update to solve other bugs, probably because of lack of calculation or what updates are too fast to release causing problems in Service and Touch ID, but this is for some iPhone 6 only. Maybe you can try to go back to iOS 8.0 but reportedly Apple will soon release iOS 8.0.2 update? If you choose to update, you just go to menu Settings-> General-> Software Update and press Download and Install button, before do not forget to backup data and filled the battery power first. You can also update from iTunes by plugging your iPhone’s USB cable into the computer and selecting the device then select Check for Update in the Summary field. If this problem persists after you update iOS 8.0.2, please revert back to iOS version 8, you just need the IPSW file.