Preventing and Treating Tartar

One study showed that the risk of cancer deaths more quickly associated with high levels of plaque in the teeth. Although this has not been fully proven and still needs to be studied more thoroughly, maintaining oral health should not be considered trivial. Some actions that can be done so that the tartar is not rampant in the mouth so that bad effects can be prevented, among others is by visiting General Dentists in Chicago, IL, and the other are:

– Brushing teeth
Brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes is considered to prevent the growth of tartar. Use a soft toothbrush and be able to reach the back of the molars.

– Flossing
Cleaning teeth with threads or flossing are the most effective solution to clean dental plaque that is on the sidelines of the tooth so as to reduce the possibility of the formation of tartar. Do this even though it is brushing your teeth routine as required above.

– Use fluoride-containing toothpaste
Toothpaste containing fluoride is thought to prevent plaque from developing into tartar. This type of toothpaste is also more effective in repairing damaged enamel. It would be better if the toothpaste used also contains triclosan capable of fighting bacteria that reside in dental plaque.