Know the Benefits of Laser Light

The laser beam comes from the word Laser which is not a single word but stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. So actually less precise if the laser is called a laser beam in the Indonesian language because the letter “L” stands for Light which means light or light. But the expression of laser light is already popular and widely used media and the general public. The laser beam itself is a mechanism of a device capable of emitting electromagnetic radiation, generally in the form of light. Radiation in the form of light can be seen by the naked eye or can not be seen directly. It takes a full page to discuss how the laser works. For sure this technology was first introduced in 1960 and until now the benefits of laser light has been widely applied to various types of modern equipment. The laser is considered as one of the most influential technologies in the 20th century. The best laser can still you get with lasers that have been made by LaserMåler Test.

Lasers are well known and widely used for the needs in the field of modern technology, be it electronics, information technology, optics, optoelectronics, medicine, science, the industry even to the military field. Here’s a full review of the benefits of laser light in modern technology; For the first is the field of photography, where the laser is able to produce a three-dimensional shadow of an object. The use of lasers for this need as a holographic process. The power of laser holography is only 1 W. In addition, laser light can also be used to create with low setting Shutter Speed, commonly called light painting. In the industrial field, either light or heavy laser light can be useful for hard welding processes, cutting of steel plates, even for drilling. The use of lasers for iron and steel cutting is considered to be faster, cleaner and more efficient than conventional cutting tools. Laser for this need using CO2 with a power of 100-3000 W. As for drilling its use is on the beam of laser beams that can travel a long distance, but remain stable and not spread like a regular light. Very useful for precision drilling remotely.

In the field of electronics, widely known solid-state lasers that have very small size and are often used in compact-disk audio systems and video compact-disk. However, with the use of the latest laser technology has developed and utilized for the distribution of signals with visible light modulation and optical memory storage (optical memory storage) in the computer. For CD-ROM devices utilize a 5 mW laser, for DVD Player or DVD-ROM Device with 5-10 mW, for high speed in CD-RW image burning with 100 mW, and for burning DVD-R 16x using power reaches 250 mW.


Clean Solar Panels

Along with the increasingly increase talk about environmental issues, the public began to open the eyes on a more eco-friendly energy sources. One of them is by choosing solar panels that use solar power system as a source of power in their dwelling. Like other equipment, solar panels also need to be cleaned regularly to keep them clean and maintained. Do you know how to clean the solar panels properly?

– Consult first
From the beginning, you will install solar panels, ask the installer how to clean the solar panel. Different brands, different components, then different way of treatment. Do not let you damage expensive solar panels because one way to clean it.

– Select the time
The best time to clean the solar panels is morning or evening. Use a headlight as an illumination. Not recommended during the day because in addition to very hot will also inhibit the productivity of these solar panels.

– Pay attention to safety
If your roof is saddle-shaped, always pay attention to the safety aspect. Use the right and safe ladder to support the body. Choose a fitting footing to clean the solar panels.

– Use soapy water
Use a hose and soapy water to clean the glass panels, especially if the dirt has accumulated. Before installing, make sure you’ve cut down the tree branch that will block the panel and add a lot of leaf litter.

The solar panel located on the roof of the house becomes the key to a house called pro alternative energy. For example a house with solar panels, after two years occupied, the amount of energy consumption is only 3,453 kWh per year. Almost completely balanced with 3,338 kWh of electricity from solar panels on the roof. This means the energy bill is only GBP15 per year or about US $ 2 per month.